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I'm not sure if I'm overthinking this or not but...

I spent the weekend up in the White Mountains in New Hampshire with my girlfriend and her sister. We had a lot of fun, but something odd happened this morning - we left the condo, and went to breakfast. The place we decided on wasn't crowded and their mom had suggested it.

We got there about 11:45. The hostess told us that they weren't serving lunch yet and to come back in 15. There were people in the restaurant, so I asked if we could just sit and have coffee. She told us very rudely that no. They weren't serving right now and to come back.
We had seen two people go in just ahead of us. Like 5 minutes before. (We had to go back to car for my girlfriend's wallet).

I figured we just got a bitch hostess and came at a bad time but my Gf's sister thinks it was because gf and I walked up holding hands. Which has never been issue anywhere before. But the more I think about it the more I wonder if she was right... NH is kind of weirdly conservative. And it's a ski town
(We ended up going to a different place because I needed caffeine or I was going to die)
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