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I feel sorta silly, but why not, right? Maybe I'll get lucky c:

Name: I suppse my username can do for now (tells you my nickname and you glean from it that I'm German)
Age: 19
Location: Washington
Looking for: I'm open-minded and always looking for friends and cosplay buddies. For relationships, I really don't care and I'm not at all experienced, but I imagine myself ending up with a girl.

I'm new to the cosplay and con world (and so far I love it). I can be quite self-conscious and shy, but I'm a perfectionist and stubborn. I get easily excited about things and a bit carried away, but that's how things get done! Energetic, silly, playful, but by no means am I an extrovert.

I'm a writer and I love chatting--PM me and I'll only be too happy to reply.
Sometimes a carrot talks.

Upcoming cosplays:
Ciel Phantomhive (this little Earl wants a Sebastian!)
Serah Farron (alternate)
Maka Albarn
Doll (Kuroshitsuji)
Alice Abernathy (Retribution battle suit)

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