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Photographer Available - Shadocon - Nov 16th-18th - Tampa, FL

If there's anyone looking for a photographer during Shadocon, I will be available to do private/group shoots on all three days. My camera is a Canon Eos 60D and Iím fine doing indoor or outdoor shots. As an optional suggestion, Iíd like to see you have some photo ideas of what you want me to shoot when we have these sessions, in case Iím not familiar with the series youíre cosplaying from.

Prices are based on number of people.
-Group Shoot (four-eight people) is $20. Not for EACH person. Itís just twenty dollars.
Additional people after the 8th person, I will ask $5 per additional person.
-Private Shoot (With one to three people) is $5 per person.

At max, these shoots will last probably for half an hour to an hour depending on the size of the group. If you want more time with me, we'll work out the schedule and there may be additional cost.

As for my work process, I will usually post around 10-15 final photos for each shoot, more if itís a large group. I will email you with a file of the photos before publishing them so that you may preview them first. Afterwards, they are posted to the Flickr account and then onto Facebook.

My work can be found at these locations:
[Private Shoot samples]

Unavailable before 1



If interested, you can use the PM service on here or email me at to contact me.
If you like a shoot somewhere away from the convention center, please let me know as well!


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