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Yeah, I really wish the Virtual Console was more like the PSN in that way. The 3DS Virtual Console releases a completely different set of games than the Wii's, even with consoles they have in common (NES). And for some reason instead of doing a massive update to the 3DS Virtual Console to include all the Wii's NES games, they still just slowly come out with maybe a game a week. But then again, I don't think they've updated all of the ambassador games with save states and all that stuff yet, have they? I'll have to check on that, but I think they're just doing it whenever the game gets released on the Virtual Console. And the GBA games haven't been updated, don't do sleep mode, and haven't been made available for non-ambassadors, which is weird because that implies that they don't want to do any GBA games for the Virtual Console. So, if they're not updating the games, is that because there's some weird programming thing that takes a while, or is there some other reason? I don't know his this whole process works. On my computer I just open an emulator, click on a ROM and play, but I have no idea if the Virtual Console is that simple for Nintendo or not. But then again, if Sony can make PSX games available for all systems at once, you'd think NES games would be no problem.

I'm just NES games as an example here because they're on both the 3DS and Wii, but I would love to see SNES, Genesis, etc on the 3DS at some point. Especially if I can just transfer my Wii SNES games to my 3DS.

Also, I had no idea that only earlier Wii consoles could play GameCube games! I assumed all Wii versions could.
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