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If you do end up going, we'll have to meet up. I totally understand about finances though, we were struggling this year to make it to AWA. Hopefully 2013 will be a bit better.

I think I'm gonna be rocking Dark Slayer Style Dante this time, so Yamato is going to be the next thing I tackle before going on to remake Ebony, Ivory, and Rebellion. I'm solid on everything except the tsukamaki. I have a couple theories that I'll be playing around with, but I'm really at a loss for how to wrap the hilt of that sword:

Rebellion needs to be light enough to hand on my back, so I may remake it with the magnet trick. Foam/fiberglass will most likely be how I go. I was also thinking that I may go after a Coyote-A too. All depends on time and money.

Your Cerberus 'chucks came out great, by the way. You gotta get some more pics up
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