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Originally Posted by MemoPanda View Post
The normal image for Pewdiepie on the intranets~ is a white shirt with a brofist and then PEWDIEPIE in black lettering below it. Then light blue jeans, and black converse shoes with white laces.
Pewdie also has light brown hair.


Another form is where Pewdie is has blonde/brown hair that is very shiny and then an all black suit and shoes that is very shiny to! XD


I think more people will understand your cosplay if you do the first one just cause its more recognizable...and then having stephano would be awesome XD
I see what you mean... I'm pretty sure if I did the last one, people would think I'm just some guy with a suit.. I mean this is to wear in public... Not at a Cosplay event.... It's more of a "Lets do some PewDieCry by going to watch the Slender Man movie 'Entity'" So yeah Thanks for your help!!

Originally Posted by Libis View Post
You should totally make the Amnesia props!!! Stephano!

Piggeh might be hard though. Perhaps you could make him as a plushy to drag around? Maybe you could even hide a zipper somewhere and use piggeh as a purse?

If you have time, though, it would be fun to make all the props and switch out throughout the day.
Ohh Purse Piggeh!! Sounds funny! I was originally thinking just Piggeh and a Bro... Since we are going out to a cinema and the. We were going to take a few photos here and there of some PewDieCry...

The purse Piggeh would be AWESOME!! And I might make a plush Bro to sick out of the Piggeh (but can be removed from Piggeh) and a keychain of Mr.Chair




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