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thats true and all but still,
you cant be wearing an "uncle sam" costume
and slap on a pair of leather goggle, and say your steampunk sam
tai, from digimon or naruto in the first 5 or so episodes, is not steampunk

or tack some small gears onto some air jordans, and call em steampunk shoes

you can have "brilliant" colours, its even period correct, but i forget the term/name of the dye type
heck go eye searing neon if you want,

you can steampunk alot, but there has to be some guideline as to what truly qualifies
as "steampunk"
most will accept that steampunk dosnt mean victorian industrialist si-fi

but like i said, you cant just slap on a corset, gears, goggles, or whatever and say its steampunk

just like i cant over dose on bronzer and claim im hispanic, as racist as that may sound

when you wear somthing for aesthetics, it should be considered "self-styled"
unless it fits into the general concensus of a certian fashion

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