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Originally Posted by Cblakesley View Post
I cosplay Akihiko Persona 4 as well. However, I want everyone to note that Katsucon has a very strict shirtless policy. If you aren't covered as much as a bikini you will get kicked out. I've been kicked from the con for Crow from Deadman Wonderland last year. So if you are going to do P4 Aki I would wrap a few bandages around your chest otherwise you will probably be kicked out.
Ugh, I know what you mean sir. I was planning to use some ace bandages or something and just kinda..take them off at the shoot (if we have one, haha). I was getting a little business when I wasn't wearing my Dante (DMC 3) coat this past year, and my bandage kept slipping from my chest :| Ah well. Will just have to better prepare this time!

And are you the same Persona 4 Arena Akihiko from Otakon? I recognize your Hawkeye for sure, but if you're the same guy I definitely had.. no idea rofl
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