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Ok after gluing the pieces I just cut onto the blade guard, I put a few layers of KILZ2 to seal it. I also cut out these small round pieces that will go on the bottom of the blade guard

After the sealer dried I added bondo to fill the gaps where I glued the pieces together. I also test fit the round pieces I just made

One more thin layer of KILZ2 just to smooth out the marks from sanding the bondo and test fit it one more time.

So it's off to paint it. while the paint was drying I went out and bought screws for the blade and blade guard. The screw size that fit the specs in the movie were very large and I needed 28 of them which weighed almost 3lbs of just screws. So I went this plastic screws of the same size but 1/20 the weight. A quick coat of primer and paint. And they look just like metal screws but lighter!

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