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Def!! This will be the first year in awhile I'll actually have a decent tax return so I'm thinking of squirreling it away for A Con-cation :0) Just need girlfriend approval. I"m jelly D*C is right in your backyard, but from what I hear PAX east is quite a monster too I just wasn't aware of it till recently....noob mistake :0(

Dark slayer!! Love it. I'm kind of torn between trying to tackle Vergil or a Nevan guitar as my next DMC project. That hilt-wrap is INSANE, it's like it threads into the sword itself. I want to try casting my Guns, just waiting for them to get beat up enough where I can convince myself it's a good idea, lol.

Let me know what you come up with for Rebellion, The extra couple pounds you get with all wood just sucks for magnet placement. I put a lot of energy and money into trying to get a magnetic attachment and it's just too hard without foam, broke one of my skeleton's arm bones right out the hotel elevator when I thought it would work.

Appreciate it alot! I've been meaning to, I just had a SNAFU with the LIPO charger I bought for them. It was malfunctioning all because of the stupid LCD screen protector it comes with, it jammed in it and blanked out the display, I had to pry it out with a knife!
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