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My sisters got me excited that they were thinking that they might start cosplaying with me soon one day. But a day later after declaring that, when one of the sisters refused to try and lose weight with one of my sisters who really wants to, both of them practically dropped the idea. ;n; I mean, I'm not the skinniest girl alive or biggest and I am cosplaying. It's just about fun. I just wished the one who is obsessed with her stomach that sticks out a little bit more than normal average saw that.

Yeah, I have friends who do cosplay, but we don't tend to cosplay the same thing. Or at least, not at the same time. HAHAHA. Oh well. :3 As long my friends are in cosplay, I don't care! Haha. I suppose at least I got my sisters really interested in it for a day! I have one sister who thinks it's not necessary to lose weight to cosplay and the other one who likes to pay attention to details. If I had those two put together with me, we would be invincible! Haha, not really. >>;;

Just wanted to rant about that. 8D Maybe they'll change their minds again? >>;; Maybe.
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