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I actually just made link's ocarina of time tunic and had a hell of a time making my own pattern bc I didn't like the patterns online. Take your measurements, get a few big sheets of paper and start drawing out a pattern like it's a long sleeveless V neck shirt. For the collar, I looked up how to sew a collar to shirt or collared shirt pattern or something and just modified the neckline. (I started with a V in the front and sewed the collar to it.) Then I cut out some sleeves. Tried that bad bod on, wound up modifying the chest (I have boobs) and waistline. Fabric wise, I used a strong cotton blend. When choosing fabric I walk around and look for the color I need and feel each fabric until I find one that FEELS right. Got mine at Joanne fabric. Be careful and don't pick something that's super stretchy, it's a pain to sew. And make sure your pattern is big enough to slip over your head, a;ways err on the big side, you can make it smaller. You'll want like 2-3 yards.
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