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Originally Posted by TheAnarCHris View Post
Image is fron one of those AU What-If's where Punisher murders everyone (again). He first blew up the Thing, then stuck his head on the pike.

1) Again, movie doing it's own thing. Which is good, because it was 100% faithful to the comics, we would have about 20 years of shitty, racist Iron Man stories.
2) Gwen wants to get money, get paid. Marvel has agreed to these terms. Everyone wins.
3) Better than the mullet he sported in the 90s.
4) UNPOPULAR OPINION: Bats is just, if not more BS. The dude's powerset is literally anti-power and being rich. And ridiculous amounts of plot-armor. I like the Bat, but let's face it, the only real difference between him and the countless pulp heroes and Superman that his creators took inspiration from is that his Rogue Gallery is AWESOME, and arguable 2nd to Spidey's. Also best sidekicks, well best sidekicks in comics if we ignore "The Tick.
5) TWIP!
6) I'm pretty pumped, I just wish the new armor wasn't god awful looking
OH blowing up the thing makes more sense xD I was imagining him with a hack saw or something

3) Fair enough...
4) Yea he's def not on my top fave super hero, in fact I like his villains most because of how memorable they are. I just like him better than Superman, Green lantern is a hero I like more in DC because his power is just damn cool.
6) Tony is all about style I'm sure he'll fix it.... after figuring out that PTSD
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Once upon an evening dreary, while I lurked weak and weary,
Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten posts,
While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a bitching,
As of some one gently pitching, bitching at my chamber door.
`'Tis JasonTerror,' I muttered, `bitching at my chamber door -
Only this, and nothing more.'
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