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Bailey's Cosplay
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I tend to favor crossplaying since the majority of the costumes I'd like to wear are from male characters. It wasn't until recently that I actually found one or two female characters I wouldn't mind cosplaying as lol.

But's what I've done/currently doing/want to do~

Past/Current Crossplay
Jack Walker - Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea
Siberia - Hetalia OC
Edward Elric - FullMetal Alchemist
Cho Hakkai - Saiyuki (Reload ver.)
Alfred F. Jones (America) - Hetalia
L Lawliet - Death Note
Beyond Birthday - Death Note
Mail Jeevas (Matt) - Death Note
Kyouhei/Nate - Pokemon B2W2

Future Crossplay
Roark - Pokemon Diamond & Pearl
Jyoushiro Ukitake - Bleach
Naja Gref - Sands of Destruction
Kyrie Illunis - Sands of Destruction
Hero - Dragon Quest VIII
Current Project
Judal - [ Magi : The Labyrinth of Magic]
Progress: New Staff - 40%

Planned 2015 Cosplay:
Jack Walker (Pokemon movie 9) - 50%
AoS Levi - Drafting...
Jiggy Pepper - 5%
Timeskip Viral - 0%

Dream 2015 Cons: Newcon PDX - Sakuracon - Anime Expo - Kumoricon - Yaoicon

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