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I had a really wacked out dream.

Boyfriend and I where at our wedding, which was outdoors. But it was in this weird sort of..almost old decrepit school that was just in the shape of a rectangle with the middle cut out and seats on the top floor like a stadium with covered seating.

His family gave us this huge 10 foot white wicker sofa, love seat, and rocking chair set up and gruffly told us they knew we could fit it in the apartment somehow.

And then my old cat, who died when I was in high school (her name was princess, she was a gorgeous black cat), was there walking around the property which was like..this marshy grassland and some lady from another building out in the marsh asked if she could operate on my cat and take some of her organs she didn't need so she could eat them and I was like "Lol sure" thinking she was just being a weirdo. Then I went looking all over for my cat and got scared that the lady killed her for meat and then I found her walking around that building with half of her fur shaved and a closed wound. The lady said she took his kidneys and random shit and shoved me a baggy with her organs in them and I shouted at her that she was a freak.

Then I woke up.

What the fuck.

I need a hug.
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