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Originally Posted by BlondieSundae View Post
OH blowing up the thing makes more sense xD I was imagining him with a hack saw or something

3) Fair enough...
4) Yea he's def not on my top fave super hero, in fact I like his villains most because of how memorable they are. I just like him better than Superman, Green lantern is a hero I like more in DC because his power is just damn cool.
6) Tony is all about style I'm sure he'll fix it.... after figuring out that PTSD

Green Lantern is definitely one of my favorite concepts in comics, despite DC's best efforts as of late. SPACE COPS WITH RINGS POWERED BY IMAGINATION IS SOMETHING THAT IS GREAT ONLY IN COMIC, despite me now reading that and second guessing it. Oh well.

I'm not going to address Hawkman because Liefield:

As for Johnny C, I'll just give you a firm nod.

Originally Posted by BlondieSundae View Post
Ah you have sarcasm down so well xD But yea I respect the fact he was the first superhero... but after that I am SO meh about Superman he bores me to tears as a character and everything.... but I'm probably going to see the new movie any ways
Don't. Bother. Zack Snyder is bad and that movie will be bad. Scott Snyder, unrelated, will be writing a Superman series next year that will be great because Scott Snyder has not written a bad comic ever.

Originally Posted by Arc_The_Lad View Post
Punisher always felt like he took all the mutants and such down a notch unlike DC which just glorifies them most of the time. Frank is human, just extremely skilled, a human can fight a super hero/villain, that sort of thing.
The Punisher, in my opinion, works best when he's not thrown up against superhumans. He wants to shoot dude via Jetskis? SIGN ME UP!

Also that is a dope shirt.

However I can only stomach so much of him being Batman with guns when it comes which interacting with the Marvel Universe at large (outside of the street level stuff, or curb-stomping Wolverine which is a guilty pleasure.). Frank's clever and talented sure, but that can only going so far when there's people like Thor and the Hulk running around. It's not so much that Frank's sticking it to the big leaguers, as it is so much that the Avenger's don't give a toss about The Punisher shooting gangsters for the umpteenth time cause they're fighting Anal Skrulls or something.
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