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Originally Posted by Mehdia View Post
I like the new arc, maybe not as much as I liked the last, but I'm enjoying it.

But yeah, that one I did this summer was an original. I had a lot of fun creating that one for her. It was what she wanted because she couldn't decide what costume she wanted to do, so we collaborated and came up with something that looked like Ciel would wear it.
I really only read it so I can keep up with what happens.

Very nice, though~ I could never do that, so props to you XD

Okay, spent some time talking to a very lovely Trancy who's selling a few steampunk accessories, and now I'm pretty sure we're doing Steampunk Alois and Ciel together.
I am totally okay with this. I've been wanting an excuse to do steampunk for a while now, and I wasn't sure what version of Ciel to do, so this works nicely. It's also something I haven't seen many cosplayers utilize-God knows why, it seems that Kuro would be a perfect series to do steampunk with.
Don't have a timeframe yet, but will start scouring etsy and thrift stores for stuff soon. I am..really excited about this. Also, ordering my Ciel wig tomorrow night :3 Shouldn't get here too late November, but that should be fine.
God, my creative juices are flowing. The image I have in my head of this costume is just awesome.
Originally Posted by Miss Miri View Post
Come to the dark side. We have freaking gorgeous character designs.

Nanami Chiaki (Super Dangan Ronpa 2) {Waiting/ 90% DONE}
Mirai Kuriyama (Kyoukai no Kanata) {Planning/ 0% DONE}
Rikka Takanashi (Chuunibyou demo koi ga Shitai!) {Planning/ 0% DONE}
Grell Sutcliff and Ciel Phantomhive (Kuroshitsuji) {Revamping/ New Version}
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