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Originally Posted by onsenmark View Post
Friday: Dave(from Code Monkeys) during the day, provided I can tweak it in time(read: get a belt for the pants, lol)
Saturday: Narutaki(from Kamen Rider Decade), at least for the afternoon toku shoot

Pre-reg and Sunday probably aren't going to be cosplay days, really.

edit: Hey, splash!-ley, out of curiosity: how are you going to pull off AC!Jenova? I mean, she's kind of a head(if that) in a box, IIRC, right? o.o?
I;m doing a full body outfit from the screenshot they show of her at the beginning of the movie where she's still in the tube. That being said, I am also making the hair inside the helmet to where it looks as if I am still 'floating' in the tube. The last bit that is being finished right now are her "wings". Her red eye is being imitated with a red sclera lens so this outfit has definitely been given a big push with effort. Hopefully you guys can see her in action early Saturday before Sally comes out. Tohma, I'll see if I can't find your Cloud while you're there ^-^ Can't wait to see everyone! Almost a week away XD
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