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Yeah! D*Con! Went to this last one and it was a blast (finally got to meet Gabi Diesel bros!), my gf and I already have tickets and a room lined up for next year. Sounds like we may have a big DMC group possible, and sounds like we could totally work out having no double costumes or devil arms.
If you happen to make it out, LoC, I just may try and buy that Cerberus off of you. It's too sexy to ignore :P

Been a while since I've done a DMC prop. Bought some huuuuge pieces of foam board a long time ago, thinking of trying my hand at Sparda or Merciless, but can't decide for the life of me. Sparda is the best sword evar, so I'm leaning towards it... but playing DMC2 HD really made me love Merciless, and it would match Diesel Dante. Help me decide? My Alastor's weight upsets me so much that I need a new devil arm in my life...
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