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Originally Posted by LoveofCountry View Post
That hilt-wrap is INSANE, it's like it threads into the sword itself.

Let me know what you come up with for Rebellion, The extra couple pounds you get with all wood just sucks for magnet placement. I put a lot of energy and money into trying to get a magnetic attachment and it's just too hard without foam, broke one of my skeleton's arm bones right out the hotel elevator when I thought it would work.
Yup, at this point I'm thinking its probably best to just fake the tsukamaki and glue on strips of white ito in the pattern directly to the same, which will be faux ray skin. But the problem there is then how to cut the ito, which is traditionally cotton, without it fraying or looking "cut".

For Rebellion, I'm probably just going to go foam/fiberglass. All in all that's going to be the easiest way to keep the weight down and the durability up.

Originally Posted by LordDraco3 View Post
Been a while since I've done a DMC prop. Bought some huuuuge pieces of foam board a long time ago, thinking of trying my hand at Sparda or Merciless, but can't decide for the life of me. Sparda is the best sword evar, so I'm leaning towards it... but playing DMC2 HD really made me love Merciless, and it would match Diesel Dante. Help me decide? My Alastor's weight upsets me so much that I need a new devil arm in my life...
Merciless would be cool to see with a Diesel Dante, but I can image it being a nightmare to find quality references. One of the art books would probably be the best place to start. A spear or scythe form Sparda would be pretty sweet to see if you just wanted to do something different. Or go really big and tackle a fully transformable Sparda...
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