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Originally Posted by tsutaya View Post
That's how I ended up meeting my Loki ! And she introduced me to one of the Wasps that was around. Also this board is great too. Chris and his wife are awesome peope, as well as Eebee and her boyfriend. Even if you can't find someone specific to go with by the time the con rolls around you will meet most of us and we linger around.
OH YOU! <3

Btw, was "your" Loki the same Loki w/ the muzzle during Friday gathering? Because she knows several ppl I know and I THINKKKKKKKKKKK I got roped into a group w/them, lol.

Originally Posted by eebee View Post
Aww, I'm awesome people! ^^

Sorry for all my silence. Trying to not fail midterms right after weeks of crunch time cosplay work overriding homework makes for a very busy week.
Best of luck with that! Once your free from midterms, hit me up, we'll figure out hangage and such!
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