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What to cosplay (Extravagant)

So, I'm 18, 5'3 blue eyed girl (hair colour doesn't matter, that's why there's wigs) and going on my 4th cosplay, with crazy awesome parents who can make anything and never settle for simple.)

I'm looking for something so crazy awesome, people will take my picture even if they don't know what I am. I'm not interested in crossplay, however, or anything skanky or overly revealing. I'm more the type to dress in a knee length kitty maid outfit then some lingerie ordeal.

props are good, my dad likes making props, so props are good. Something recognizable would be good as well.

but yeah I like to cosplay a lot, and I want something recognizable. I'm willing to watch new animes or games (I don't have a Play station, so I watch most things) or read a new manga, but no over amounts of gore or any tragedies, and no dying main characters. I like romance and comedies, and games like Final Fantasy 10, Tales of Symphonia, or Star Ocean 4.

if I can't find anything I'll be going as Reimi Saionji from Star Ocean 4, so please also let me know if you know her, so I can get an idea of how well known I would be.
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