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Originally Posted by Volnixshin View Post
Sure you CAN.

It's like this:
people who dress up in lame, store sold halloween costumes, and declare themselves cosplayers, vs people who make or really put in effort for their cosplays, spending hours, and weeks on them.

I would say that's pretty comparable
You said it perfectly. It's all about perspective. What might be the end all be all for one person doesn't make it the same for another. And you can't force your idea of something on someone else. It has to be what they feel is right. Sure, I get tired of seeing the generic goggles and gears, but if that's what the person wants, let them have it. I've used gears, goggles, and corsets in several steampunk costumes, but does that automatically make me look like I'm just going "Yep, steampunk" while nodding and looking smug without knowing a thing about the genre? Nope. It just means that at the time of the design, I felt it was what I wanted to use. Who knows, maybe next time I will do something totally different.
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