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Originally Posted by snugglepanda View Post
Recording my food really holds me accountable!
Try Myfitnesspal, it's free and it's an app you can put on your phone or you can just use the website.

I'm currently trying out Bodyrocktv workouts - free as well
& I do go to Planet Fitness a few times a week.

I'm going to be at Youmacon in Detroit, MI this November and I'm trying to at least lose a little and get more toned by then. ^___^
That app is very good. Helps me out, when I remember to use it -_-

My motivation comes from my LOVE for the show Naruto. I love his character and the way he carries himself with the "if theres a will, there's a way" slogan over his head all the time. never gives up, no matter the cost, even death, even if it's something stupid. I just remember "if there's a will, there's a way", "if you want it, take it",

I also think the show is SO EPIC and the music is SO GOOD and extra motivational. I downloaded the entire soundtrack all 5 CD's and use them to help me stay in tune with my "inner" Naruto. Here's a youtube link to my two favorite songs to pump me up.

Hope they help you too! It's working so far, double salad and bare chicken salad for my three meals today!
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