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Originally Posted by bean93 View Post
Gotcha! This is turning out to be a great start for something that's really far away from now xD WOOT!
Yeah, it's still early, but it's good to start planning/seeing what could work/develop, even though things will quickly change dependent on which guests come to Otakon (it'd be cool if the con were to get a VA that was involved in a Persona game), what events/activities got approved, and everyone's personal plans will change/be adjusted based on real life and the con.

For 2012, the Saturday afternoon shoot initial meet up was the Starbucks; and it quickly moved/started up to the fourth floor where there was more room. I think we should probably plan for that as well (or just plan to meet up at the fourth floor for said shoot period).

Also I helped lead/direct the Saturday 2012 midnight shoot; which ended outside in that huge building courtyard between the BCC and the Inner Harbor Fountains. Luckily the weather held up, and the lighting there was great. The night shoot could be there again, or be at the fountains. I don't recall any complaints/negative comments about that location from 2012, so we could repeat with the location if everyone's ok with it? Obviously it's way too early to predict the weather, but we ought to be ready and flexible with both midnight/late shoots.

I also mentioned props before (I gave the Adachi cabbage for the Friday/Saturday shoots). This is something that we shouldn't overlook, could add value/life to some shots.
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