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Originally Posted by Rjr3412 View Post
1. Name: Jeff

2. Location: Philadelphia (suburbs)

3. Self Summary & Gender: I'm a 27 year old male. I've been cosplaying since college and have no plans to stop. Keeping up with it while staying busy with work poses a challenge, but is all the more rewarding that I can still find time for both interests and a social life.

4. Interests: Anime and video games of course, also music, reading, fitness, dancing, cooking and baking.

5. Looking For: New friends with the possibility of a relationship. Looking for girls, preferably in the 21-30 year range, but exceptions could of course be made. It'd be nice to find someone who shares some of my more passionate interests and have something in common with.

I'm friendly, take a chance and say hi

Cosplay currently in progress: Zapp Brannigan

Next con planned: Katsucon
What cosplays are you planning on bringing to Katsu? ^_^ Besides Zapp, that is.
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