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Well not actually watching that stuff but the fan art of it. I was like literally next to my mom while she was watching tv this one time and I was on my sister's laptop and I was on Tumblr and theres freaking yuri one of the tags I searched and i'm just like (in my head) "omg thank God my mom didnt notice asdhjkl". This past weekend actually there was one piece of fan art of yuri (again im on tumblr orz) and again I was on my sisters laptop but in the kitchen and my mom AND my sister were like right behind me and im just "holy crap I keep getting lucky". Well they were talking but still o///o. Im not into yaoi because I dont look at it but I do ship characters. If theyre kissing obviously I dont mind, if one character is like lifting another characters shirt I dont mind. But the funny thing is if my mom saw these two teenage boys kissing my mom would be like "What the hell is this? What the hell are you looking at?! XD. So yeah ive never been caught. Yet. o///o
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