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@ FinalEVA:

Fat Suit: I am glad to hear it's working out. Your con is this weekend right?

Workout: Congrats on the halfway point to your weight goal! That's excellent news! The weather is finally changing here too, so hopefully it will be easier for me to stick with my routine.

Fall shoot: I am going to see if maybe we can take a quick trip up there for a shoot. If not, there is always next year in the spring. I think any shot you do with Gestahl and his dog would be hilarious!

Fiberglass: That's awesome!! It's so nice when things turn out better than expected!! As far as Raku goes, maybe you can talk to some people who have made similar cosplays. Maybe the one Raku cosplayer on the 12K thread or even people who have cosplayed Fox or Donkey Kong. Maybe they can help you think of ideas you might be overlooking.

Something Dissidia Related: Sometimes the things that happen at random chance are the best! I am so looking forward to having a Kefka in our group.

Cosplay Updates: I thought Spencer's Shadow looked awesome!! I hope he is excited to wear it for the con. I am sure you guys are going to have a lot of fun. It's been a while since I have been for one and that itch is starting to really bug me. :P

Sabin & Edgar: Once Eric is finished with my Yoko sword I am going to see if he can work on Edgar. It would be nice to have these things finished well before the con, just in case there are any mishaps. The wigs did arrive though and they are a gorgeous color!!! I think Tifaia said she got the same color for her Celes. All the blondes will look like family in our group. :P

Upcoming Projects: It sounds like Cecil will keep you pretty busy for a while. I can understand. The wonderflex process is pretty slow. I hope you manage to finish him before Sakura con! It would be fun to do a few more Dissidia shots. As for 12K, I guess I will just see what my schedule looks like... it sounds like Sakura con was getting pretty crowded cosplay wise... so maybe it would be better if I just saved her for Fanime. As for shoots at the Tea Garden, maybe I can take an extra day off from work and we can meet there. As for Setzer, that's a massive sewing project for sure. Especially if you plan on having the two toned colors in your coat. For applique I always machine sew it (otherwise it would just be hand embroidery, which is poke slow). I am not sure how it works for your machine, but basically I change my stitch to the zig zag, shorten the length and width of the stitch and it mimics a satin stitch, which equals applique. If we can make it up to Seattle in December, I can show you in person, if you need me to that is.

@ Everyone else: Hi there!! I hope you are all making great progress.

Current Projects:
Maleficent - 80%
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Kain - Final Fantasy IV
Sorceress Edea - Final Fantasy VIII
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