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1. Name: Kris
2. Location: Long Island
3. Self Summary & Gender: I'm a 25 year old male. I've never cosplayed before. I have a nice group of friends, but none of them are into anime or cosplaying at all. I prefer to do it on the right occassions, not randomly. I need some more/new friends is really all i'm saying!
4. Interests: NARUTO! I love love love love Naruto, I hope you do too! video games of course, also music, fitness, driving, building stuff, tumbling (i'm a cheerleader too)---Looking For: Friends possibility a relationship. I"m really easy to talk to and I hope you message me!
I'm looking for a new convention or gathering to attend. I have yet to pop my Cosplay cherry! Hit me up!

Skype name is : Dcsoloskater
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