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2 spots available- Clarion Inn & Suites

Hello! I booked one non-smoking room that has two double beds (large enough for two people each), and its only me and my friend that are in there so far. We are both female college students, ages 19 and 21. Its my first time at Nekocon, but my friend has been before ^_^

But one double bed is up for grabs, be it you and a friend or just you. The entire room for Thursday, Friday and Saturday night cost $195, so right now its about $98 each just for me and my friend, it'll go lower if someone else decides to bunk with us

The hotel is located at 1809 W Mercury Blvd, its relatively close to the convention center :3

Also, I'm coming from Lynchburg, to Hampton. So if anyone is on the way, in between lynchburg and there, that isnt too far out of the way, I have two free backseats as well. And only around $10 gas money there from you, and $10 back depending on where we pick you/drop you off at on the way to/from.

Anyway, just PM for more details, oh gosh Im so excited
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