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I've always wanted to cosplay from this game. It's my all time favorite, but finding the motivation to do so is challenging. The costumes would require so much work, and I've heard taking them to conventions often ends up with a lot of people ignoring or asking "Are you from (series that is not Suikoden)?". So I think when I finally do it, rather than taking it to a convention where it may not be appreciated, I would love to do some nice photoshoots. I just wish I knew more people who liked it ! I would likely take on Sasarai, Nanami (if I find a Riou), Viki, or perhaps even a more unpopular character--I love so many.

Has anyone seen the Suikoden cosplayers who recreated the cooking contest from Suikoden II? I recently stumbled across them and was so inspired ! It was adorable.
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