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Originally Posted by LordDraco3 View Post
Yeah! D*Con! my gf and I already have tickets and a room lined up for next year....
If you happen to make it out, LoC, I just may try and buy that Cerberus off of you. It's too sexy to ignore :P.
Sounds like you're all set up for D*C Draco, I'm jeally! Haha, I wish I could just whip up a batch of them, If I figure out a way to make them threaded so you can take out the batteries rather than have to install recharge ports, I'd like to make more.

Originally Posted by 2DLogic View Post
A spear or scythe form Sparda would be pretty sweet to see if you just wanted to do something different. Or go really big and tackle a fully transformable Sparda...
That was my favorite part of DMC 2, running around as Trish and merc'ing dudes with Sparda's various forms. I'd LOVE to see that realized in cosplay.
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