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I need a bit of help trying to lose the fat around my tummy. You can see what I mean on my Misty pictures on my profile. Of course I want to lose it partly for cosplay but also to help get my high blood pressure and diabetes under control. My legs and arms I can deal with but my stomach I hate. I am starting to drink only cold ice water and cut out sweets and fast food. Eating white meat chicken and more salads aswell. Before I kept weighing between 242-246lbs but now I'm at 238-241lbs. I walk a lot more when I go to stores just to exercise while I'm out but now that it's getting colder my knee is acting up so walking is becoming hard to do a bit. I can't do a full sit-up but if I keep at it would that help? Also what other exercise is mainly for the tummy area that can be done at home?

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