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I am so excited for Halloween! The whole family is going pony!

I'm doing Rarity: 436131.477224.632796130&type=1&theater

My son is Spike: http:// 436131.477224.632796130&type=1&theater

My daughter will be Pinkie Pie: 436131.477224.632796130&type=1&theater

And my husband will be Hoity Toity! Whee!!

I still plan to make a fancy Rarity dress, but I ran out of time. Oh well, Rarity has been hard at work sewing costumes for everyone else, so it makes sense to be a bit frazzled, huh?

Oh, and I pulled together a Fluttershy for a gathering last week too. 436131.477224.632796130&type=3&theater
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