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Pauline (Champagne Charlie)

In this thread I'm going to be just writing down thoughts and ideas as I plan my first cosplay.

For my first cosplay/crossplay, I'm going to be making Pauline's ballgown as seen in this video:

I do want to have a bigger hoopskirt though, because a) I like them, b) I'm overweight so it'll make my waist look smaller, c) I'm 5'10" tall.

I've figured out that the silhouette I like best requires a hoop skirt that is about as wide as I am tall, which ends up being a 220" circumference. That's pretty big. I'm just wondering how practical that is. An alternative is going with my wife's 150" hoop from her wedding gown, but I'm kinda thinking that's too small.

I'm planning on getting a custom corset done, so that's going to be dealt with by someone else.
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