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help me improve

Ok, so i am not entirely sure if this is the appropriate area for this, but it is a critique of sorts, so bare with me

I have been entering more and more cosplay contest lately hoping to get more out of my costumes than just wandering around the halls of the cons i attend. While it is enjoyable to just hang around in my costume having fun, i want to take it to the next level and try my hand at winning some costume contests. but so far this has not worked out to well for me.

So what i want critique on is my cosplays as a whole...preferably the newer costumes, as my old costumes were made with my newbie skills which are never good haha. If i could get a critique on what could be improved on my newer costume in my profile cosplay list and/or what you like about them already, it would help me greatly to improve.

Please be harsh, i want my next costumes to be the best i can make them. If something looks sloppy on a costume tell me what it is so i can be sure not to repeat it.
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