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Homestuck Four Aces Suited, kinda not sure about something

Okay, so, I was at a Halloween party tonight and I went as Dave in the Four Aces Suited outfit. Now, I made it in about five seconds with a jacket that was hanging in my closet for the past few months doing nothing, and said jacket was cut for a girl and was a few sizes too small for me, so it was really just a quick solution for tonight. However, tomorrow I'm planning on getting a black suit that actually fits, and there's something I'm not quite sure if I should do or not. You see, there was a white trim on the suit I used tonight, and, although it's not at all accurate, I kinda like how it looks. Should I add that to the new suit, or should I stick to accuracy and not have the trim? And would the trim still look okay on a men's suit versus a woman's suit? Thoughts?
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