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Originally Posted by FinalPhantasy View Post
That makes sense, If I do go to a con i'll probably cover the top with a sweater or find a different top. But I did try to make the top a little less revealing from what I had planned. I originally was going to have it cross in the front and look more like a bikini top but I was looking at photos of Juliette Starling cosplays and got a bit of inspiration from their. I'm not normally the person to degrade myself but it's haloween, the one time of year where I can and no one will judge me.
Um, if I had a body like yours, HECK YES I'd wear it to a con. Who cares if you get dirty looks? They're just jealous b/c you're hot. I think you should keep it just like this and wear some awesome yellow boots with heels! It's so cute!
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