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Originally Posted by jindrax View Post
I'm planning on making a green tunic link costume some time soon and I already have a zora armor costume built. I've been wondering what contacts would be the best match to Link's eye color. My natural eye color is brown. Anyone have any recommendations?

I thought about getting the colormax blue lenses, but would they be a bit too bright for Link's eye color?
ColorMax Blue lenses are more intense with flash photography, like any other lens. That said, they are not quite as obnoxious when you are just wearing them. They would do fine though they would not be my first choice. Pic related:

For Link, the main idea would probably to get color but without such a large diameter lens.

Other possibilities:
Sweet Eye Blue
Dolly Eye Blue
Geo SF18
EOS Fairy/Fay Blue
Vassen Cloud 9
Venus Eye Blue
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