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Aliccolo and I are in Greenwich Village, Manhattan.

Re: a get together idea! When I first moved to NYC (3 ish years ago now), there was a cosplay picnic one random Saturday. We went to Central Park and it was kind of disorganized, I didn't know anyone in the city then, but it was fun all the same, and the turnout was excellent. Now... I don't actually think that Central Park is the best place for something like that. It ends up being difficult to walk through if you're in a bigger costume, and unless you have a really good concept of the layout, hard to find everyone. My suggestion would be to have it somewhere like Washington Square or Union Square. There's plenty of train access to both those areas and, let's face it, it'd be much easier to spot people in wacky costumes in Union Square than in the expanses of Central Park.

Would that maybe work for people? I've been wanting to see about getting the wider NYC cosplay community together for something for a while. I just didn't realize there was anybody else that might be interested in it until I found this thread. Fff.
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