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Originally Posted by Nostrum View Post
My net is really shitty at the moment, so I can't really open everything up and look at it one at a time, so there's only a couple of things I'll say at the moment.

1. Have a look at how to wear wigs properly (I need to do this too. :P ), as in a few of the thumbnail shots I can see your hairline under the wig.
2. The devil is in the details. Any great cosplay has fine details that could be easily overlooked, but shouldn't be. This comes down to things like making sure you've got makeup that suits the character you're cosplaying, as well as making sure you colour your eyebrows to match the wig you're wearing.
Actually, eyebrows are one of the big things that betrays the fact that you're wearing a wig.
Cosplay really allows for more dramatic makeup than what would be used in an every-day situation, and it also helps in photographs.

From the quick look I had, your fabric choices are pretty decent.

Can I ask, the tattoo on your chest I can see with Princess Chibiusa, is that a real tattoo, or part of the costume? I'd definitely suggest getting tattoo concealer if that isn't part of the costume.

Soyeh. More dramatic makeup, match your eyebrows to your wig, and I think also work on your posing.
tattoo is real. i have tried some concealers before and it is quite difficult. but i will definitely look into maybe a more professional grade one for better coverage. cause yea a tattoo like that doesn't suit a princess haha. Thanks for pointing out the wig thing. i didn't know it was that obvious. i will have to try a powder or something the same color as the wig to cover the hair that shows if the wig can not be styled to cover it. It may also help that i am growing out my hair. my hair is so short in most of those costumes that a wig cap doesn't keep all of it in haha....and more dramatic makeup you say? how so? i know for sure with a possible snow white costume i am planning on making i would do very bold pouty lips and big dolly eyes and pink cheeks. but how would you advise this for some other types of costumes?...eyebrows i will definitely do next time thatnks!
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