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Originally Posted by Leeah View Post
Sorry about that folks :P aaanyways I'm tempted to cosplay Asuna (probably her ALF version) but I already have a few costumes lined up for Anime North so we'll have to see.

Also someone should be Agil, just sayin. xD
ALO would be cool! I hope to see it!

And lolllll, yo man, I keep begging my friend to be Agil cuz the two of us are just like him and Kirito irl. ;D

Originally Posted by Fokkusu(フォックス) View Post
Damn. I was actually planning to be either SAO Kirito or ALO Kirito for about a month now. My friend just linked me here and so, I signed up so I could post.

So should I be SAO Kirito or ALO Kirito?
My second problem is where I can find a costume or make one. This is kind of ironic because most people can't make the weapons, but can do the costume, but I am the opposite
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