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Originally Posted by Nostrum View Post
Wow. Nigri hatin'. Never mind the fact she makes accurate costumes.

The Pika costume is cute, FinalPhantasy! It's a lot more unique than a lot of the sexy Pika costumes I've seen.
The only thing is I think the tail needs a little bit of working on. Did you clip the corners inside? It looks like it's pulling a little bit, and if you clip the corners it'll sit flatter. I'd also be inclined to put something inside it, whether it's interfacing or cardboard or plastic, just to give it a bit more shape.
Yeah, that tail was more of a test than anything, I'm using it for the Halloween party and i'm sure it will get destroyed. The actual tail im doing is out of foam board and will stand up and fasten around my waist and be hidden by the skirt. I still have to glue fabric to the board though!
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