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Mirni: Thank you for saying so. It means a lot. <3 Miyuki was my favorite for years but I watched Marina's musicals a lot while making my costume, and it was her first wings in the promo pictures that I modeled my own wings off of.

Fabulousity: If it's this image you're talking about: -- because your link just forwards really quick to Google... and this is the only "goddess" type picture I can think of... >_>

Pick a really super drapey fabric. Probably more yards than you think. Gather like crazy for the top with elastic, you can attach the spaghetti straps as ribbons. Gather like crazy for the waist with elastic. Find some lace to put around the waist. You can make roses for the hair with some tulle netting and some of the fabric you used for the skirt. Lettuce edge the hem, I think that would be really pretty.

If it's this one:
Yellow tank top, sheer chiffon fabric (which is a pain to hem/work with, I'll warn you) again lettuce edged, over a gathered yellow skirt. It's simple and not completely exact, but it would be quick-ish, I think.

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