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Yeah, I have to admit the 4 years I've gone to Akicon it's always been a total abortion, but I'm used to it now. It's pretty much the con I go to strictly to people watch and hang out with friends. The panels are always terrible or non existent. Usually the only thing I do that's con related is watch some anime in the viewing rooms. I tried to on Saturday night and both of the rooms had blue screens, nothing playing in them. Both were also filled with groups of people sitting on the floor, just using the room to chat and hang out.

Oh. I also play guitar hero. Other people can complain about the con. I agree with probably everything they say. You can put ME on the record for complaining about how they NEVER GIVE US A DAMN GUITAR HERO WITH UNLOCKED SONGS.

Man oh man, nothing makes my friend and I more angry then having 10 songs to choose from. C'mon, guys. Stop enraging drunken cosplayers at 3am.
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