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I have a few questions but they are about what happened before the shutter button was pushed.
I know iso 102400 > no picture but a photoshoot at iso 102400 is insane. I donít think thereís much you can do to a picture with that much noise and motion blur. It falls into the, ďjust be happy you got somethingĒ bucket. The only software I know that can deal with that much noise is DXO. However, it has to be a RAW file.

If youíre game, and you have the RAW file I could run it through DXO just to see how it turns-out. It wonít fix the blur but might clean-up the noise.

This is how I deal with low-light noise:
I know the limit of my gear. I know how much control I have to compensate for that limit. If Iím beyond the controllable limits, cannot add some light, or unable to move to a better lit area then I use a tripod and a very understanding model.
If I have manageable noise I run the file through Noiseware first. If itís nightclub level noise and the shot is really a keeper, Iíll run the RAW file through DXO.
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