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Small amount of Commission opportunities

So I have been away from here for so long, been sewing the entire time, but haven't been doing cosplays.
I'd really like to get back to it.
So I have a proposal for a a few, probably maximum 3/4 people.
I'd be willing to do a costume for you (not one that you specifically are having someone already do/or absolutely want to pay for.), What I mean by this is, if you are looking to have a costume made and are like 'well what if i don't like it, I'll just go with someone else', then just go with someone else and don't bring it up to me, but if you're thinking 'I'd like to have this costume' then come talk to me and I'll see what I can set you up with.

I'll be posting every week(Or so) with progress pictures of your costume on my blog,
and I will not be expected to be paid until the end when you see your costume, if you like it.

And while you might be weary and think 'what is she getting out of this?'
I'm building a reputation, getting to sew, and if you don't end up wanting the costume, then I will simply sell it on my etsy account.

Simple enough?

I need to know
Who are you? and how to get a hold of you as in more than just a account (email/blog/whatever)
What do you want to cosplay(please include pictures, I'm not familiar with everything)
Your sizes/measurements (everything relevant to your costume, and if I need more, I'll ask)
and your general deadline

I can do jewelry/props as well, and I VERY MUCH enjoy projects with a lot of detail. So have at me with anything you want.
Yeah. I'm back.
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