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Originally Posted by paper_hat View Post

I've tentatively started a gathering for Valve: .

Anyone have tips on running a gathering? This is my first one.

Hey!! Thanks for posting here. I hope your gathering goes great.
I am copying/pasting the locations choices here:

1. Cosplay Lounge
Location: Century A & B, 2nd floor
Size: 1,700 sqft
*Cosplay Lounge also has photo back drop set-up, and cosplay repair kit table.

2. Hollywood Garden
Location: 3rd Floor
Size: 3,500 sqft estimated

3. Malibu Garden
Location: 3rd Floor
Size: 2,500 sqft estimated

4. Pasadena Garden
Location: 3rd Floor
Size: 5,000 sqft estimated

5. Hotel Pool Area
Location: 3rd Floor
Size: N/A

All the gardens are photographed. Please check the link below!

When you have response and getting the idea of who are coming, please try to finalize your date/time/location as soon as possible because PMX is less than 2 weeks away.

For the tip? Well, for my case, reading the the thread for the other gathering helped.
Also talk with my cos-friends about gathering helps, too

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