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first off, dont misquote me

thats not fair, and i resent your response,
i never said that women should go out of thier way so we can oogle them

i made 2 statments

first, that i understand cosplay is diferant, its more an artfull expression than just dress up
and i didnt say its okay for men and not girls, its excentric either way
i only meant that i dont care whats guys do,
but for girls, i can appreciate the art and thier motives just the same
its just as a guy, i prefer not to see girls dressed up like a man cause it detracts from thier beauty, even if only temorary

and second, im perfectly fine with the "tom-boy" look,
its just that when i see women that just seem to not care at all about how they look,
i die inside, cause it shows the corruptant nature of social influence

im not talking bout not styling thier hair, and wearing doilies
i mean, letting thier piercings rot in thier face,
dressing inapropriatly for thier body type... not cause they cant afford otherwise
or even cause their happy the way they dress,
some even blantently make themselves look like crap

i can look at a girl whom most would consider "less then moderatly atractive"
and see the ravishing drop-dead gorgeous vixen behind the veil

i just cant comprehend why anyone with the means, would purposly look like crap

but back to cosplay...
again im just fine with crossplay,excentric or not
i just think genderbent is more personal than crossplays or cosplays clone attempt,
but hey, what ever makes you happy makes me happy

someone tell me where i was ofensive, cause i really dont see it, and if you find its the last sentence of my first post, then you compleatly missed the context,
which means, perhaps you are of lesser empathy and moral standing than you would like others to believe

and if a girl wanted to crossplay a yaoi couple with me, i could do that,
as long as i can tell griefers to go f themselves

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