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Originally Posted by LilVamp25 View Post
Hello! I am relatively new to photography (started about a year ago and just got my first DSLR back in February). One of my biggest struggles I find is editing. I like to make the picture look as natural as possible; only fixing any lighting issues, noise, white balance, etc. However, I am always afraid of "over-editing" and therefore ruining the photo both for me and the cosplayer that worked so hard.

So, this is just one of the many pics I took at A-Kon last June and was one of my favorites from the moment I took it. Although I'd like everyone's opinion on the editing, I really am interested in a critique for the picture as a whole ^-^ Thank you!

_MG_4218 by LilVamp25, on Flickr
Hey Lil, try taking some online courses or tutorials, because I feel that your images come off as a bit overprocessed. Don't worry about the PC part of it till you can get the camera part just perfect imo.

Retouching isn't the end all be all for most cosplay photography ;P.

As for the critique; She looks nice, but her expression seems like she's a little bored, and the background is reallllly distracting us from her pose IMO.

I'd try shooting it from a different angle, with as few walkways as possible in the background, if doable.

Your retouching on her horn looks great, though.

Overall, I'd give the background a 1.5/5 and her pose a 3/5. Retouching overall, a 4/5. So I'd recommend working on things in that order next time .
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